There are lots of ways that you can contribute and participate in Arbor. You can add new functions, datasets, and collections to Arbor, expanding the types of analyses you can do in Arbor. You can also access our source code, using github to report bugs and pull requests to fix things and extend our functionality.

Add to Arbor

Add new functions Our tutorials show how one can add new functions (in R or Python) to Arbor. You can also save, download, and share your functions with your friends
Create and share Arbor workflows Tutorials are also the best place to go to learn about building Arbor workflows are visual maps of functions that are connected via inputs and outputs. You can also save, download, and share workflows.
Create or modify Arbor collections Arbor functions and workflows are organized in collections. Using github and Arbor together, you can add to or edit our collections, or submit your own collection.
Add a new R package or python library to Arbor If you have an R package stored on CRAN or github, you can install it on Arbor and immediately use functions from your package in Arbor.

Document your Arbor functions and collections

Add or modify documentation Documentation uses markdown and is hosted in our arborworflows webpage repo on github and uses jekyll.

Create new Arbor apps

Create Arbor apps You can take a useful Arbor function or workflow and create a dedicated Arbor app, which is a web page that runs your algorithm. This requires just a bit of knowledge of javascript.

Work with the Arbor source code to fix bugs or extend functionality

Github organization page Arbor workflows uses an open development paradigm. To get our source code, or to contribute to the project, start here.
Main web applications Holds Arbor apps and add-ons.
Arbor collections Main Arbor functions and workflows organized into collections
aRbor R package Connect to Arbor using R
flow Workflow engine
girder data management platform
tangelo web framework


We have detailed instructions to install Arbor on your own machine.

For more information about the source code repository, contact us.