Each function and workflow should be paired with a documentation page. This page explains how to add to or modify the documentation in Arbor.


Documentation in Arbor uses markdown syntax. These are text files which are then converted to html by jekyll and displayed as web pages.

For specific instructions, see the style guide pages for functions, workflows, and collections

Adding to or modifying documentation pages

Documentation pages are stored in the arbor web page github collection. They belong in the _posts/documentation folder.

Adding a new documentation file

To add a new documentation file, first create a local copy of the arborworkflows.github.com repository. If you are a member of the arbor core team, you can be a contributor to this repository - in which case you can clone the repo to your computer and push changes. If not, then you can fork the repo, clone a copy to your computer, make the changes, and then create a pull request.

Modifying existing documentation

Modifying documentation works in basically the same way, and is again handled through the arborworkflows.github.com repository. Basically, you can either push a change directly (if you are a contributor) or create a pull request for the change.