About Arbor

What can I do with Arbor?

Arbor is software that allows you to run phylogenetic comparative analyses on your data quickly and efficiently over the web. You can analyze trait evolution, diversification rates, and do many other things to understand your comparative data better.

Arbor is focused on web services, which can help you obtain data from outside sources over the web while carrying out your analyses. For example, you can pull phylogenetic data from Open Tree of Life for your analyses.

Arbor software comes in two flavors. Arbor Workflows are flexible visual analyses that users can build and modify for complex and customized analyses. Arbor Apps are simple ready-to-use web apps to carry out the most common comparative methods, like independent contrasts and PGLS.

What is visual workflow software?

See our post on what is Arbor.

What are Arbor apps?

Arbor apps are websites that run a set analyses on your data. They are not able to be greatly customized, but are fast and simple. You can also build your own Arbor app from a workflow if you know a little javascript; contact us if you want to know how.

How do I cite Arbor, or the individual analyses I used?

You can cite our paper; individual analyses and R packages used are tracked by Arbor and should be cited as well.

How can I contribute to Arbor?

You can fork one of our github repositories, or contact us.

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