What is a megaphylogeny?

Megaphylogenies are very large phylogenetic trees with thousands of tips.

How can Arbor help with my megaphylogenetic analysis?

Arbor can help in three ways. First, using web services, Arbor can help you obtain large trees and time-scale these trees when necessary. Second, Arbor can help you match phylogenetic and character data, a complex task with very large trees. Finally, Arbor can analyze large datasets quickly and efficiently.

Obtaining and time-scaling large trees

You can use Arbor’s web services to obtain large phylogenetic trees from Open Tree of Life. You can then use Arbor’s method for time-scaling trees to add branch lengths to this tree.

Matching phylogenetic and character data

Our new treeplyr package is made to help match tree and character data, and manipulate the combined dataset. Try the treeplyr tutorial.

Analyzing large datasets

Arbor code has been optimized to handle very large datasets.